We are Ricksoft.

Ricksoft develops and delivers powerful add-on products such as Gantt chart and spreadsheet for Atlassian users around the world. Our primary goal is to always provide valuable tools to our customers.

But what does "valuable" really mean? To us, it means providing a new way to work and at the same time dramatically improving your organization's productivity.

We also believe a valuable tool should be easy to use and eliminate any time or geographic constraints. And finally, it should allow your team to reach its goals of creating attractive products and services in the shortest time possible.

Our mission is to create and develop such tools and make them easily accessible to you.

Meet the Team

Sean Osawa
Sean Osawa
CEO and Director
Sean worked for Atlassian for over seven years and was one of the founders of Atlassian Japan. His enthusiasm for using technology to improve productivity extends to his professional and personal life. He also enjoys playing baseball.
Hiroshi Ohnuki
Hiroshi Ohnuki
Vice President and Director
(Founder and CEO, Ricksoft Co., Ltd.)
Hiroshi founded Ricksoft in Japan in 2005. He worked as a computer engineer for the one of the largest Japanese electronics companies in Japan for many years prior to that. He loves spending time with his family besides programming software in the spare time.

Ricksoft, Inc. was founded in 2016 in California, USA, as a subsidiary of Ricksoft Co., Ltd. to make their products more accessible to people around the world.

Ricksoft Group

Ricksoft Group
Ricksoft group is a fast growing organization with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Ricksoft, Inc. is a California, USA, registered company and a division of our global business in the Ricksoft group.

We are proud of serving 1,000+ customers and brands including Airbus, Canon, Charles Schwab, Costco, Embarcadero Technologies, F-Secure, Fast Retailing (Uniqlo), Google, Honda, and SpaceX.
Ricksoft Group
Atlassian Platinum Solution Provider